When I go about my day,

think about the world,

public affairs,

and the apparent direction



as a collective,

are headed…

I become pregnant with anxiety.



When I think about the world,

an anxiety baby grows in my belly.

It’s gross!

The most terrifying thing aside from a real baby.

Real babies are terrifying because when we have them,

we are responsible for them,

almost for forever.

I guess it depends on our age.

Nevertheless, for a good chunk of time,


the baby makers,

are responsible for the choices said baby makes,

the person the baby becomes.

Shit’s crazy.

Especially when you think about how many people presently exist in this world today.

A lot of us,

in a very short amount of time,

have made A LOT of babies.

And sometimes I think to myself,

at least when I’m walking in a walmart parking lot,

counting all the shopping carts left carelessly EVERYWHERE,

(you know, like in the middle of parking spaces)

whether or not all these people were so wise in their decision to make so many babies.

Clearly a lot of us haven’t become ideal members of a unified-self aware species that treats the earth, themselves and each other with care and respect.

I mean,

HOW hard is it to wheel your shopping cart back to very clearly designated outdoor stash space that’s 10 feet away from your car?

ESPECIALLY after funneling your money to the corporate lizard demons that are not only destroying the planet but screwing over your human experience and all possible futures for life in our present existence.

Forgive me,

I might be a tad bit internally dramatic,

but seriously…

What does our apparent inability to return our shopping carts to a reasonable space,

10 feet away from our car, say about us-

Or culture,

or the present state humanity?

Shit ain’t look good when groups of people cannot take responsibility for themselves or take the time to help out a fellow human being.

For when we leave our shopping carts in the middle of the parking lot, they not only smash into our cars,

but someone has to go out,

in all kinds of weather,

every day

to collect them and put them back where they are meant to go.

Someone has to clock into slavery, to  clean up after our laziness.

I don’t know about you but if I had a choice to be doing anything I wanted right now, I’d be up on a mountain somewhere staring at the stars till my head hurts.

The least of all things I would want to do would be to give up my dreams in exchange for a job that makes me hate people and kills my soul.

But perhaps under certain circumstances,

like if I had a baby,

I would have to.

A lot of the times in life we don’t get to do what we want, and what we do, do is something we hate,

but its also something we have to do when we have responsibilities.
With this, whenever I do find myself pushing my shopping cart back to my car after funneling my money to the corporate lizard demons that are destroying the planet and screwing over not only my human experience but all possible futures for life in our present existence,

I put the cart back in a place that makes life for the person who has to actually has put them back, a tiny tiny tiny bit easier.

It’s not that hard.

I guess what I’m trying to say it’s time to start Waking UP, not to reality,

we’ll misconstrue that shit forever,


Shits going to get more and more difficult, as more and more babies are being born and more and more shopping carts are scattered about parking lots.

We are going to have to change.

For instance NASA,

yes NASA

published research that either basically PROVES or STRONGLY suggests that our way of living in the world today

must change.


People should talk about it when they have coffee in the morning.

Or perhaps more reasonably,


Let kids talk about this issue…perhaps it’s more logical to peruse a lifestyle that will save the world than it is a business degree.

Things are happening on this planet that we’re all going to have to deal with together.

Some people out there are prepared for social collapse anticipated within our lifetime but I sure as hell am not.

It freaks me out to be honest.

And if you can bear this thought experiment for a little longer, and truly entertain the possibility of such an event, you might realize its only unsettling because we’ve been taught to fear each other.

Without society, without the social contract, we have learned that man is a NAKED  RAVAGING BEAST WILD FOAMING AT THE MOUTH WAITING TO PEE ON YOU AND STEAL ALL YOUR STUFF!

But what if he’s not?

What if we could just all get together,listen to music, dance, paint, exchange ideas, realize new potentials, share food and cool things?

Oh wait we already do!

We don’t  need a social contract to be able to put our shopping carts back in a convenient space that makes other people’s already hard lives lives a little less hard.

We wouldn’t be where we are in our present state of humanity if it weren’t for our ability to work together.

We sit at a point in time where the patterns of the past no longer define the future.

We are in place where the future of history’s past is going to be defined by how we relate to each other and ourselves.

We are maturing.

Fuck Hobbes!

We are growing up.

We can be kind,

and even if the world is about to end,

let’s enjoy the rest of our time here together and make it the best party that we can.

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Knee-deep in the cosmic overwhelm, I’m stricken

by the ricochet wonder of it all: the plain

everythingness of everything, in cahoots

with the everythingness of everything else.

Diane Ackerman’s poems for the planets, which Carl Sagan sent Timothy Leary in prison on this day in 1974. (via explore-blog)

(Source: , via explore-blog)

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If great minds think alike, Do stupid minds think alike, too?

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MIT discovers a new state of matter, a new kind of magnetism
“Really, though, the most exciting thing about quantum spin liquids is that they’re completely new, and thus we ultimately have no idea how they might eventually affect our world. “We have to get a more comprehensive understanding of the big picture,” Lee says. “There is no theory that describes everything that we’re seeing.””